Tips for Finding the Perfect Coordinator


While your wedding day will be one of the happiest moments in your life, the months of planning and coordinating before it will also be the most stressful! Wedding planners and coordinators will play an enormous part in making sure your wedding goes according to plan with as little stress as possible.

First we must answer one important question: “What kind of coordinator do I need?”

Do you want to do most of the planning and designing on your own but not on your big day? Then a Day Of Coordinator would work best for you! Couples will be able to handle the details of the wedding and still have help on the day of. Do make sure to keep very good records of correspondence with your vendors to ensure the wedding coordinator can take care of day of payments. Day of coordinators will give you a great amount of flexibility before the big day and take the little burdens off your shoulders during your wedding.

Need someone there every step of the way? Then a full blow Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator is what you need! Wedding planners and coordinators will connect you with florists, venues, rentals and more to ensure your wedding is a memorable one. A great wedding planner will contact all the vendors for you (such as us!) , make sure all the payments are made, fix any mishaps that may happen and make sure everything flows perfectly.

Many venues also have Onsite Venue Coordinators. These coordinators will only look over matters pertaining to the venue. While many brides are content with crossing off a few items on their to-do list, many others would prefer a bit more hands on help. Onsite Venue Coordinators will ensure the venue completes their obligations and promises.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of coordinators there are, what are some things you should look out for?

1. Check their social media.

No social media presence is a total red flag. Make sure you can find wedding coordinators past events or examples of their creative work. All couples would want a coordinator who is well connected. Looking through their social media will also give you a good idea of what their style is like, hopefully it’s similar to your own!

2. Have a well thought out list of questions to ask during a consultation.

Ask questions regarding the planners experience, availability and problem solving skills. What services do they offer? Do you have recommendations for vendors? How many weddings do you take on a year? Check out this extensive list for more questions to ask during your interview with a wedding coordinator.

3. Did you and the wedding coordinator ‘click’?











If you are hiring a Wedding Planner/ Coordinator to help you through the entire process, you will be spending a lot of time with them. Make sure both you and your loved one get along with your wedding planner. The wedding coordinator should make you feel heard and understand your needs.

4. Always always always check reviews!

The wedding business relies heavily on reviews! Reviews by other couples speak volumes about the coordinator’s personality, flexibility and reliability. Great reviews will give you peace of mind about their ability to pull off your perfect day.

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