How to Throw Your Next Outdoor Party


California weather is nearly perfect all year round, so it’s natural to consider hosting a private party in your backyard. All you need to get started is fresh air, plenty of space, and favorite people to make some memories with. But before getting that outdoor party set up, there are a few key items you may want to consider including on your to-do list.

The first pro-tip is to keep a running list of every task you need to accomplish and check it off as you go. So, jot down a grocery list, your music selections, party games, decor, lighting, and whatever else you think that you’ll need for the party.

Speaking of lists, it’s never a bad idea to write down the names of potential party-goers for your guest list. And it’s an even better idea to send out some form of an invitation, whether it’s an email, text, or actual snail-mail invitation to those on your guest list. Be sure to be specific with the date, time, and location of your party. Also, don’t forget to request an RSVP so you know how many people to expect.

three tray steam table for rentWhen hosting an outdoor party, the menu doesn’t have to be super daunting. Consider a buffet with an assortment of finger-food options, including vegetarian and gluten-free, to make sure everyone has something to enjoy. Another popular option is having a potluck where each guest brings an item to share. A potluck can provide the most variety for people while taking some of the burdens off of you. However, keep in mind you’ll need a way to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Local party rental supply stores will have a variety of equipment to hold dishes at the proper temperature. MTB Event Rentals has a three tray steam table that can heat three large items for hours – rent two if you need more room, and you will be set up for success. For salads, fruit trays, and other cold foods, set them on trays over ice and be sure to change the ice out every so often. If you want to have buckets of cold water, beer, and soft drinks spread around the party, pick up a few fashionable acrylic ice tubs too.

The best parties have plenty of beverage options, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You can even ask guests to BYOB if you choose to. Some staples for an outdoor party would include vodka, rum, tequila, and at least a couple of wines and beers for your guests to enjoy. Mixers can be as simple as soda water, orange juice, Cola, and a margarita mix. But if you really want to impress guests attending your backyard bash, rent an actual bar. It will be efficient and enhance the overall vibe of your event. MTB Event Rentals has several cool options for bar rentals. A popular choice for the great outdoors is the 8ft artificial hedge bar. The pop of green color with a white or rustic wood top is a showstopper for any outdoor party.

Another pro-tip is to put your bar in a different area than where food is located. This can prevent a bottleneck when guests are trying to get something to drink and eat. Trash and Dirty Dishes

If you’re using paper products, have at least one trash can, and one recycle can available. Larger parties might require a larger trash can than most people have on hand. For your convenience, you can rent a 32-gallon trash can from MTB Event Rentals. It’s also smart to rent a bus tub for guests to place used flatware and glasses throughout the party. They’re super affordable and make a big difference in the organization and ease of the shindig.

rent pouf chairs online party rental Depending on your guest count, you may need to add to your typical backyard seating arrangement. Again, an event rental company, such as MTB Event Rentals, can point you in the right direction. You can easily rent some pouf chairs, sofa sets or ottomans to add some seating with flair. Of course, a more traditional route based on the theme and budget of your soiree is renting folding chairs and patio tables.

If you’re hosting an outdoor party during the day, have some shady areas so your guests can get out of the direct sun. This can be accomplished with a tent, an awning, or an umbrella – all of which can be added to your party rental order with a click.

An evening outdoor party requires plenty of lighting. Twinkle lights, rustic wire lamps, lanterns, and even a four-lamp light post can be rented for your party. It’s typically more economical to rent lighting than to purchase it for a one-time event. Decorations will tie the entire party theme together. Those can also be rented if it makes more sense for you. Everything from table cloths, colorful lanterns, centerpieces, flowers, and decorative backdrops are within reach.

Once you’ve selected your color scheme and theme, choosing items to accompany that vision should be a breeze. All that’s left is to create a party playlist and add a few fun activities into the mix for the best backyard blowout on the block.

When it’s time to start the planning process, feel free to give MTB Event Rentals a call at 844-815-8620. We’ll happily provide you with advice, and guide you in renting everything you need for your next party in the Glendale, California area.

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