Elegance the Easy Way



Simple and Stunning

Throwing any type of party comes with its own set of challenges but they should not be so much that it leaves you feeling stressed. One type of event many dread planning is an affair that is incredibly polished. With the right plan, it is not only achievable but incredibly simple to pull off.

All in the Décor

Having the right decorations is key when it comes to planning a great party. Here are items that will make a world of difference.
Linens- Cheap plastic tablecloths and paper napkins should be saved for a backyard barbeque. A posh event calls for linen tablecloths and napkins. Classic white tablecloths are perfect for any event and a funny little twist by folding the napkins into shape.
Silverware and Flatware- As stated before, plastic and paper should not be found anywhere on your table. Rent silverware, real flatware, and glass water and wine glasses to create a place setting for each guest. Before the event starts, inspect the tables to look for dirty forks and plates or smudged glasses. Don’t allow your carefully planned event be marred by dirty dishes.
Centerpieces- Flowers centerpieces are a staple at any event but there are a few ways you can make yours unique. First and foremost, only pick flowers that do not have a scent as they can trigger a guest’s allergies and work against the smell of dinner. Candles are also a good addition or substitution but the same rules apply when it comes to smells. You can opt for plants instead such as succulents if it matches the theme of the party.
Other Decorations- Lighting can remain simple as long as it is adequate. A dark environment will not showcase your efforts. If the event is held outdoors, strands of lights add a touch of whimsy and elegance. If you are not a fan on the interior walls, which can easily be covered with draping flowy material.

Party Rentals in Cerritos

Do not feel as if you have to purchase all of these materials when you can simply rent them. Renting makes it even easier as the products will be delivered to your location and taken away once the event is over. So muss, no fuss.
At MTB Event Rentals, we provide all of the décor items you need to throw a fabulous affair. For additional information, peruse our site.