Choosing a Catering Style for Your Next Event



Food Prep for Your Next Event

There are a myriad of aspects to hosting a great event but the one needing the most attention can be the food. Choosing a menu that works for all of your guests plus serving requires careful consideration and planning. The style of catering can make all the difference at your event, especially when it comes to preventing hungry guest from becoming “hangry” guests. Catering style all depends on the type of event you are throwing, here is a helpful guide to picking the perfect style.

Guide to Choosing a Catering Style

There are four different ways you can cater your next event; hor d’oeuvres, buffet, action station, and formal sit down.
Hor d’oeuvres are perfect for events that require your guests to mingle. Servers will come by with trays filled with food and drinks. By having drinks and food served in this manners prevents the conversation being inhibited. If your event is during dinner hours or there is a long time period before dinner will be served, an appetizer hour is a great way to keep your guests sated.
Buffet style is normally used for less formal events or events where a large number of guests will be in attendance. By having a selection of food available, even your pickiest of guests will have a dish they can eat. To keep the flow moving, be sure to establish a starting line by having plates and cutlery available at the starting point.
Action Stations can be a form of entertainment for your guests. They are able to be interactive with the order by watching a chef make their food right in front of them. Again, this will help you satisfy your picky eaters as they can customize their order to their liking. It is an impressive way to serve a meal.
Formal Sit Downs are normally done during a formal event, as their name suggest. Normally your guests will have a choice of three entrees that consisting of meat, chicken, fish or a vegetarian option. This style is perfect for events that require your guests to sit and allows for more intimate conversation such as a wedding or fundraiser.

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