Planning an Outdoor Event



Spring Has Sprung!

Spring season is officially here. That means the weather is perfect for hosting an outdoor event. Even the springtime can bring some surprises. Days can vary from perfectly sunny to a grey drizzle. Rather than see all of your effort go to waste, take the precautions to face the elements.
Be Prepared for All Types of Weather
Mild, sunny days are the norm but it is not unheard of to experience wind and rain. To prepare for anything there are a few things you will want to do. First, you will want to check the weather forecasts that day, and a few days prior, to get an idea of the day. Then you will want to have umbrellas or canopies on-hand. Both will work to protect guests and food from rain or extreme sun. You can also rent fans for when the day is exceptionally warm or heaters to protect against a chill in the night air.
Reserve a tent or an indoor space as your backup plan.
Shed Some Light
If your party will run into the evening, hang up lights. Any party will come to a screeching halt when the sun sets and no one can see their hand in front of their face. Simple string lights will look wonderful while providing enough illumination so that you and your guests can see.
Have the Necessary Equipment
Lighting, sound systems, and various other electronics are items you will not want to forget. Having electronics outdoors can be a little tricky. Which is why you will want to double-check the area beforehand for outlets. Extension cords may be necessary to reach all of the equipment. If outlets are not possible then you will need a generator.
Make Sure Your Guests are Comfortable
As you can see, being the host of an outdoor event has its own set of complications, but guests comfort should not slip by the wayside. Have the amenities on-hand that will keep them comfortable. Such as buckets filled with ice and drinks. Or have hand fans so that everyone can keep the heat at bay.
Be sure you have everything on hand by ordering your party rentals with us. We carry everything from flatware to tents. Happy event planning!