Pomp and Circumstance: Graduation Party Ideas



Celebrating the Graduate

Life goes by in the blink of an eye, what was once the first day of kindergarten is now the last day or high school or college. It is moments like this that are cause for celebration. Customizing the party to fit your graduate is quite simple. Here are a few simple ways to throw a fantastic graduation party that will showcase the graduate.

How to Throw a Graduation Party


With the theme of the party already taken care of, you can jump right into the decorations of the party.

First, figure out the color scheme. This is relatively simple by going with the school colors. If the student is graduating from high school or going on to a different university after college, choose the future school colors.

After choosing the colors, find decorations that match or go with the theme of the party. Start with the basics like tablecloths and chair covers to create a chic look.

For a bit of whimsy, make garlands of “tassels” that are made out of tissue paper that will hang with strands of light.

Create your own photo booth by using a black backdrop and writing Class of 2016 on it in chalk. Encourage everyone who will be posting their photos online to use a custom hashtag, such as the student’s name or initials with 2016 added to it.

Food and Treats

Keep food simple but delicious. You can have a buffet of food which allows all of your guests to serve themselves and leave you free to ensure all other needs are taken care of. Plus a buffet is the perfect blend of casual and chic.

Go all out with the dessert portion of the meal. Create a sweets table that plays on the graduation team. Lay out Pirouette cookies on a platter with ribbons tied around them and a sign that states they are “Diploma Cookies”. Ring Pops can be considered “Class Rings” and have plenty of Smarties and Dum Dums for a playful feel.

Share Some Wisdom

Have a book that all of the guests can write words of encouragement or advice for the graduate. It makes a great memento that graduates can go back to on days they need a boost.

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