Celebrating the New Year’s in a Different Way



Planning a New Type of New Year’s Event

There comes a time where dancing into the New Year at a club has a “Been There, Done That” feel. If you are feeling the same way then it may be time to begin a new tradition. A New Year’s Day brunch is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a New Year. Why throw a brunch? It will not conflict with anyone’s New Year’s Eve celebration and offer a perfect moment to catch up and exchange your New Year’s resolution.

New Year’s Day Brunch

New Year’s Eve parties are a dime a dozen but having a get-together on New Year’s Day can breathe a breath of fresh air into this special occasion. A brunch is ideal as it will keep the festivities going while providing party goers time to recuperate from the celebrations the night before. The event can be a big blowout or an intimate event, whatever you choose, here are a few items you will need to throw a fabulous event.
First, pick a venue and a time. The easiest place may be your home if it will accommodate all of your guests or rent a small banquet hall. Rent enough chairs and tables so everyone has a place to sit. Even if you are having it at home, chances are you may not have enough chairs or table space for all your guests. Seeing as it is a brunch, hold it later on in the morning to allow last night party goers a chance to recover.
Cooking for the brunch yourself can be done but will leave you scrambling back and forth between entertaining your guests and checking on food. Instead, have the event catered or choose food that can be served room temperature or kept in warmers.
Make it fun by having a photo booth station to take the first selfies of the season. Or place a card and pen at each seat for guests to write out their New Year’s resolutions.

Event Rentals in Glendale

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